Rock Shelter Wild Honey

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Oorla Rock Shelter Wild Honey is sourced from Anamalai Tiger Reserve & Mannarkad Silent Valley by the Malai Malasar tribe in the Kurumali settlement from the combs found in rock shelters.

The bees collect the nectar from different forest flowers; thus, the honey is imbued with an aroma of multi-flower. The honey is collected without harming even a single bee, ensuring the sustainability of the ecosystem.

Our Rock Shelter Wild Honey is a raw unfiltered honey filled with amino acids, enzymes, probiotics, and minerals, making it a superfood for your body. With no artificial colors or flavors added, you can enjoy the natural sweetness and flavor of this honey.

Indulge in the taste of original and pure Honey and experience the goodness of nature in every spoonful.


Ingredients - Pure Wild Honey

Shelf Life - 1 Year

Packing - Packed with extra care in refill bottles.

Sourced From - Western Ghats

The remote locations and pristine conditions in which this honey is found limit the quantity that can be harvested. Rock Shelter Honey is produced in limited quantities, making it a rare find for those seeking a genuinely "Exotic" honey.

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