Avarampoo Tea
Avarampoo Tea
Avarampoo Tea
Avarampoo Tea

Avarampoo Tea

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Quantity: 30g


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Introducing the exquisite Avarampoo Tea, a traditional herbal infusion that hails from the heart of India’s rich botanical heritage. This delightful tea is crafted from the vibrant yellow blossoms of Tanner’s Cassia, known locally as Avarampoo, which bloom in the arid landscapes of India.

Avarampoo Tea is about personal health, as well as planetary health. The flowers are sustainably sourced, ensuring that your enjoyment of this tea supports ecological balance and the livelihoods of local communities.


Ingredients - Dried Avarampoo

Shelf Life - 110 Days

Packing - Packed with Premium Tin

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