Oorla brings you the taste of authentic Indian Sweets, Snacks & Groceries sourced directly from traditional regional shops to your doorstep.

The Story of bringing Tradition to your Door Step

We began our mission on 2021 Diwali to bring all the authentic things together and started with everyone's favorite - South Indian Sweets & Savouries.

We sourced traditional South Indian Sweets & Savouries from famous regional shops across South India and shipped them to Indians abroad who couldn’t make it back home to their families. It was a huge hit, and we started adding more delicacies to our boxes from all around India, this time not just for South Indians but for everyone who loves the taste of India.

What Makes Oorla Special?

Well, everything. We take pride in what we do and what we have achieved so far. It's been more than a year now, and Oorla has delivered India's authentic Sweets & Snacks to 50+ countries and 100,000+ doors. Like we always say, we exist to spread the authentic taste of India worldwide.

We Connect You With Your Roots

We’re not the makers, we don’t cook your Sweets & Snacks and we don’t grind your masalas. But we know who can. The items are not from any regular chefs or typical sweet stores. The Sweets, snacks, masalas and anything you find at Oorla are procured from every Oorla - from century old regional shops across India where the items are famous for.

Words of Happy Authentic Food Lovers