Kumbakonam Filter Coffee

Package: Packed in premium refill pouches

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Quantity: 100g


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In every aromatic cup of Oorla Kumbakonam Filter Coffee, we serve you a sip of South Indian heritage. Just like the gentle rain that nurtures our land, this brew is a nurturing blend of tradition and flavor.

Crafted with precision, our coffee beans and chicory dance in harmony, striking the perfect 80:20 rhythm. This symphony of 80% coffee and 20% chicory paints your tumbler with a rich, dark elixir that carries the essence of Kumbakonam's coffee culture.

Let the warmth of Kumbakonam Filter Coffee envelop you, like the embrace of an old friend. Brew, sip, and embrace the rhythm of tradition with Oorla's Kumbakonam Filter Coffee. It's more than a drink; it's a taste of South India's heart and soul.

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Ingredients - 80% Coffee and 20% Chicory

Shelf Life - 6 Months

Packing - Packed in pouches

Sourced From - Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu

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