Vathals & Fryums

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Mor Milagai

Mor Milagai (Buttermilk Chillies Vathal)

Rs. 128.00Rs. 99.00
80 g
Homemade Mor Milagai (Buttermilk Chilli Crisps) Do you love Mor Milagai? At Oorla, we take pride in bringing you the most authentic flavors, and our Mor Milagai is no exception....
Manathakkali Vathal

Manathakkali Kuzhambu Vathal (Black Nightshade Berry Crisps)

Rs. 219.00Rs. 169.00
100 g
Homemade Manathakkali Vathal (Black Nightshade Berry Crisps) Bursting with distinctive flavors, our handpicked Homemade Manathakkali Vathal from Salem will take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey. Derived from the...
Online Sundakkai Vathal

Sundakkai Kuzhambu Vathal (Turkey Berry Crisp for Curry)

Rs. 219.00Rs. 159.00
100 g
Homemade Sundakkai Kuzhambu Vathal (Turkey Berry Crisp) This sun-dried Turkey Berry, also known as Sundakkai Vathal, will transport your taste buds to a realm of delectable sensations! Embracing the time-honored...
Bitter Gourd Crisps

Pavakkai Kuzhambu Vathal (Bitter Gourd Crisps for Curry)

Rs. 289.00Rs. 249.00
80 g
Homemade Kuzhambu Pavakkai Vathal (Bitter Gourd Crisps) Our Homemade Bitter Gourd Vathal is the perfect side dish for any meal! Handcrafted with care, our sun-dried bitter gourd slices/Pavakkai Vathal are...
Vendaikai Kuzhambu Vathal (Ladies Finger Crisp for Curry)

Vendaikai Kuzhambu Vathal (Ladies Finger Crisp for Curry)

Rs. 229.00Rs. 189.00
80 g
Homemade Kuzhambu Vendaikai Vathal (Ladies Finger Crisp) Crispy, tangy, and oh-so-satisfying, flavorful Homemade Ladies Finger Vathal will take your meal experience to a whole new level. The irresistible crunch of...