Rich Plum Cake

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Did you know that the story of this fluffy dark cake begins in medieval England? According to custom, on Christmas Eve, a rich porridge was cooked & eaten to "line the stomach" for the upcoming feast. The porridge is said to have been made with oats, dried fruits, spices, honey, and sometimes even meat - it is called the grandfather of the Christmas or just Plum cake.

As time passed, people started adding new ingredients and removed a few from the original recipe, but the cake never changed its form.

Our Plum Cake is baked by adding a lot of dry fruits, spices, cocoa, a ton of holiday spirit, and without adding alcohol & eggs to make it "yummy" for everyone.


Ingredients - Refined Flour, Water, Sugar, Vegetable fat, Vegetable oil, Cashew Nut, Tutti fruity, Raisins, Black currant, Ginger peel, orange peel, Dates, Cinnamon, cloves, Cardamom, Star Anise, Bay Leaf, Marathi moggu, Nut Meg, Liquid Glucose, Caramel, & Cocoa Powder.

Shelf Life - 30 Days

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