Refreshing Summer Combo
Rosemilk Syrup
Honey Soaked Gulkand
Nannari Syrup

Refreshing Summer Combo

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Experience the rich heritage of Indian flavors with our exquisite range of syrups. Indulge in the delicate floral notes of our Rose Milk Syrup, crafted to perfection for a refreshing and aromatic beverage.

This refreshing and rejuvenating treat is perfect for summer days. Packed with the natural goodness of rose petals, it not only tantalizes your taste buds but also soothes and hydrates your body.

Experience the cooling sensation of our Nannari Root Syrup, also known as Nannari Sarbath, meticulously crafted from organic Nannari roots. This traditional elixir boasts natural cooling properties, making it ideal for beating the summer heat while revitalizing your senses.

Try our Honey Soaked Rose Gulkand, made from hand picked rose petals and raw honey, for a sweet and aromatic twist. It is 100% organic and rich in antioxidants. It enhances the flavor of beverages and desserts and offers numerous health benefits, promoting overall well-being.

Savor the taste of tradition and the goodness of nature in every drop of our syrups. Our syrups are a delicious and health-conscious choice for discerning palates, perfect for concocting refreshing drinks or adding flavor to your favorite treats.



Ingredients -

Rosemilk Syrup: Sulphur Free Sugar, Fresh Paneer Rose Petals, Purified Water, Food Color, Rose flavor Syrup, Citric Acid (Shelf Life: 6 Months)

Nannari Root Syrup: Nannari Root, Organic Jaggery, Lemon (Shelf Life: 1 Year)

Honey Soaked Rose Gulkand: Rose Gulkand, Pure Wild Honey (Shelf Life: 1 Year)

Packing - Packed with extra care in refill bottles.

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