Manapparai Murukku

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Straight from Manapparai, our Manapparai Murukku / Mullu Murukku brings you the authentic flavors and age-old tradition of Tamil Nadu. Crafted with passion and perfected over generations, each bite is a journey into the rich history and flavor of Manapparai.

Revel in the celebration of tradition with every bite. Whether you're sharing it with loved ones during festive occasions or savoring it as a daily snack, Manapparai Murukku brings people together with its irresistible taste and timeless appeal.

Oorla takes pride in delivering a product that encapsulates the spirit of Tamil Nadu. Join us on a journey to the heart of Tamil Nadu with every crunchy, flavorful bite of Manapparai Murukku. Taste the tradition, savor the authenticity, and let the magic of Manapparai delight your senses!

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Ingredients - Rice Flour, Sesame Seeds, Butter, Salt, Refined Sunflower Oil

Shelf Life - 15 Days

Packing - Packed in Airtight Zip-Lock Pouches

Sourced From - Manapparai, Tamil Nadu

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