Super Podi Combo

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Introducing the Super Podi Combo - A Flavor Fiesta by Oorla!

Presenting the Super Podi Combo - a trio of spice-packed awesomeness that will elevate your culinary escapades to a whole new level.
Get ready to meet the stars of this show: the legendary Idli Podi, the sizzling Garlic Podi, and the versatile Paruppu Podi - each one packed with flavors that will have you craving for more!

It's no secret that Oorla's podis are crafted with passion and love, using the finest handpicked ingredients and traditional recipes passed down from generations. Our dedication to quality ensures that every spoonful of these podis bursts with an explosion of flavors that'll leave you in awe.

This combo offers three types of podi's, all preservative-free:
Kongunattu Idli Dosa Podi (150g),
Kongunattu Garlic Podi (150g), and
Chettinadu Paruppu Podi (150g).

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